Freight navigation transport is run in two main forms on the river Elbe:

a) Push-barge shipping: combination between push boat as propulsion unit and push barges as hold. The number of push barges in one assembly / formation and their possible combinations are based on nautical conditions of the respective section of the waterway.

b) Motor boating: propulsion unit and hold are located in one hull, the entrainment of additional barges is partly possible (Koppelverband).

The vessels used most frequently in relation are listed below. In addition, several special types and special vessels exist.

Over all (in m)
Over all
(in m)
capacity in t (max)
SP 6565,008,20960
SP 65/9,565,009,501190
SP 36/3732,508,20431
SP 36/3732,508,20424
TC 110071,0010,401238
TC 50035,509,05528
GMS 67m67,008,20877
GMS 80m80,008,201135
GMS Labe80,109,331167
MN 730069,708,85643

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