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Inland navigation as simple as truck transport?! You don't believe it?

Here is our solution for you!

By the way there are neither toll charges nor traffic jams on the river Elbe !

The way to inland navigation vessels

the green transport solution

Changes in the water level - ice drift- - global warming - repeated transloading -
- complicated contractual relationships - these are all arguments which seem to speak against the river Elbe as a reliable route of transportation. Ecological benefits, high mass-transport capacity, reserve capacity of the transport route, very few restrictions on weight and measurements of transported goods - facts in favor of inland vessels

An insoluble contradiction?

Already today committed transport companies developed reliable, ecological and economical transport solutions for various groups of goods (comparison of transport modes). For customers, this means a complete transport solution from door to door will be compiled from a single source.

For customers the process of this solution is equal to direct truck transport. Even the at first sight low speed of inland vessels can be compensated by foresighted planning of the logistics chain. (Did you know that transport is possible 24 hours a day on 365 days a year?!)

In addition to traditional navigation with individual trips, three navigational lines are currently available for shippers and forwarders:

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